The Bird Wars have settled down a bit ( although I still have some more to show you!) but how about some equal time to showcase some dazzling Dots…

1598908_10153365514722222_2195409539138602150_oWow and wow! Much thanks to Katie for sharing these with us…along with just a few Birdie Bams…


Oh, okay – just one more…here’s another gorgeous one, courtesy of Caren:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn aside here and a big favor to ask of you – if you have received a copy of our book, Mah Jongg The Art of the Game, please write a review on Amazon. I can’t begin to tell you how much I would appreciate it!

7 thoughts on “DOT’S AMAZING!

  1. Diane G

    I spied my birds and dots. What fun. Gorgeous little works of art. Please thank the photographer as well. … I can imagine the dots or birds as beautiful pottery bowls or dishes. I think it is only matter of time.

    I am still awaiting my book, but I am in California, so maybe it will take a while. I was a pre-order; does that make a difference? Looking forward to seeing it.


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Wow – you should have received your book already. Maybe you should contact Amazon and find out why there has been a delay – that should not have happened.
      Ann xxo


    1. Katie A.

      Suzanne – That 1 dot and the peacock 1 bam (first one from the left in second row) belong to a set created by Leena Schwarzer – Twin Luck Mah Jong. Leena was the apprentice of the oh-so-talented Dee Gallo, whose latest enrobed Money Set is just out of this world. I was one of the very few lucky people who received one of those – set nr. 11 – also among these tiles.


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