We have seen these Keep Calm/Mah Jongg novelty items before but what about the story behind the real expression, Keep Calm and Carry On – the origin of this expression is quite wonderful and very, very British. Read on…


Our friend Kat alerted us to the origin of this wonderful expression – as she wrote, “Made by the British Government in 1939, intended for reassurance during WWII, in the dark and difficult days that lay ahead…To inspire others with confidence in difficult times…”

The story of “Keep Calm and Carry On” is revealed in this You Tube video made by Barter Books, LTD.:

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  1. bonytony1946

    Thank you so much for this Ann! I’ve had an account at Barter Books for about 10 years (up country from me) but I never knew this was their doing. The bookshop is wonderful… lots of places to sit and read in quiet by a blazing fire, quirky additions like the overhead railway, friendly staff and the biggest, most organised selection of old books you could wish for.


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