I had ordered some hand wipes from Amazon and so, when the package arrived today, I didn’t rush to open it as I knew what it was…or so I thought! I finally opened the package and to my great surprise, it was filled with gifts from dear Joy Hamilton in Canada. Joy and I have never met but have become virtual friends through this blog. I am so honored and thrilled that Joy has sent me such beautiful and thoughtful holiday gifts.

First I saw the lovely letter Joy had included – please note that it is folded in a beautiful origami design:

IMG_2640 IMG_2639

This letter that was included with all of the gifts really touched my heart – IMG_2638I am so touched by this line in Joy’s letter: “I consider you my new friend for 2014.” And I feel the same way about you, Joy!

Then I pulled out this beautiful silk bag.

IMG_2635Inside this lovely bag were lots of goodies. First I found a gorgeous fan inside a silk case:

IMG_2634IMG_2633IMG_2636I haven’t mentioned the two packets of Gin-Gin candy because they are already gone…YUM!

And then out came a fantastic bamboo wind chime…Joy, did you make this yourself? I LOVE it!


What a gift of treasures…everything in that package is so very special to me. Joy, you are a true representative of your name…you have brought great joy to me during this holiday season! I really can’t get over your incredible thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you so much for all of this…but most of all, for your friendship.


3 thoughts on “WHAT A SURPRISE!

  1. Shirley Hanick

    Joy and I connected when she needed joker tiles to complete her mother’s set.. She sent me an unexpected gift in return. Happy holidays to you Ann, Joy and all who look forward to this wonderful blog every morning . May the New Year bring many unexpected new friends and Mah Jong happiness to everyone


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Yes, I remember when Joy was able to match tiles thanks to you. She is a lovely, thoughtful, and generous person – just like you! Thank you for your kind message and I am sending all good wishes to you and your family for a healthy and happy New Year! Ann xxo


      1. Joy

        My pleasure Ann! You are way too kind with today’s blog.
        Mah Jongg and your blog came along at the perfect time in my life.
        Thank-you for the kudos Shirley.
        Happy Holidays to all…


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