Back in April I posted photos of a number of Mah Jongg sets created by design houses such as Hermes, Cartier, Donna Karen, Louis Vuitton, etc. Well, a new designer of Mah Jongg sets may be poised to enter the scene and all of that will be thanks to none other than Julia Roberts (who was taught the game by Los Angeles teacher and collector extraordinaire, Johni Levene). JR is apparently over the moon about our beloved game and, as the newest ambassador of Givenchy, she has asked them to design a set for her. In fact, she discusses her love of the game in this excerpt from her interview with Joe Zee, the Editor in Chief of Yahoo Style:


Exclusive: Givenchy’s New Muse Julia Roberts on Becoming a Supermodel at 47

Z: It’s okay to not have it all. Or not do it all.

JR: For sure. It’s interesting raising children in a time of everything being fast and more. It really makes you realize that even though there’s greatness to all this invention and forward thinking, there’s also greatness to quietness and the simple things in life. Did Riccardo tell you that I told him to make a Givenchy mahjong set?  Well, it’s because I’m obsessed with mahjong, Joe.

JZ: Do you play it? I don’t even know the rules. I’ve always tried to learn!

JR: No, Joe, this is an exclusive! I’m obsessed with mahjong.

JZ: Are the rules hard?

JR: It’s not that hard. I’m still such a beginner, but I have so much fun! Imagine the most chic Givenchy backgammon, dominoes, cards, and mahjong. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

For a retelling of the complete interview, click here.


  1. Bubbefischer

    I have been waiting for a celebrity to embrace mah jongg!! This is exciting–it’s really going to be great for all of us, the game will become even more popular!


  2. Doris Melnick

    Good Morning.

    I have just returned from a three day tournament in Tampa with Gladys and Mah Jongg Madness. I live in Newport Coast, California and my husband goes along with me and plays golf at the local courses while I am at the tournaments. I am interested in other three-day tournaments around the country that your readers can recommend that are run with just as much expertise as Gladys’s demonstrates every time. I am usually the only one there from California at the east coast tournaments, but we like to make a little mini vacation out of it. So are there any other more than one day tournaments that people can recommend? Thanks so much. Doris Melnick Newport Coast, CA


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Hi Doris – I hope you are signed up for the March 6 -8 tournament sponsored by Gladys and held in Las Vegas. I am planning on being there and look forward to meeting you! I will try to sort out all the 2 – 3 day tournaments for you and do a posting in February. But, in the meantime, make your reservations for Las Vegas!
      Ann xxo


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