Yesterday was my turn to host the OMs but I I decided to expand out the group for this luncheon as I was celebrating – I received my first royalty check from the American Bar Association for the other book that I wrote last year:

Advice for the Lawlorn  


So, in addition to four of the six OMs (K is still on her cruise in the Mediterranean and X was busy), I invited D, G, and G2. We had a great day…

Everyone received a little favor – these fabulous mugs – and when they removed their napkins they saw the saying inside the mug that certainly rang true with us all…


IMG_2704Lunch was so much fun for me to make – all recipes will be posted tomorrow…we started with Spanish Pea Soup along with Tuna Tapenade and Tuna Tapenade (sorry for the blurry photo) –


IMG_2696– followed by Caesar Club Sandwiches and Smoked Salmon and Egg Salad Tartines.


And then we broke up into two tables and started our day of Mah Jongg…I am not going to show all of the hands we played but here are some of the highlights. G2 was the big winner for a total of four Mah Jongg’s but I was happy with my three wins. The good news is that everyone won at least one game today.

IMG_2705 IMG_2706 IMG_2709

IMG_2712 IMG_2713 IMG_2714 IMG_2723 IMG_2724

IMG_2725 IMG_2726

After a few hours of game play I brought out dessert: Frozen Berries with Hot White Chocolate Sauce (sorry – I forgot to take photos). And, of course, there was licorice and – much to my delight – I found Bridge Mix at a store and, of course, had to buy it for today!


Even Lizzie had a great time today – look at that smile on her face!


12 thoughts on “MAH JONGG WITH THE OMs and MORE!

  1. Martha Cloran


    I love your daily emails! I am new to your site, so could you tell me the name of your group? (OM’s). Your luncheon looks marvelous! So much fun! I love that I learned the game and have met such wonderful ladies!



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    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Hi Martha – I am so happy that you enjoying this blog! OM stands for Original Mahjettes – I don’t know how we happened to coin this name but it did stick so we continue to use it. Welcome to the world of Mah Jongg!!!
      Ann xxo


  2. Caren H.

    Ann, Mazel Tov on your success with both books, and thank you for your culinary inspiration! May you continue to go from strength to strength!


  3. Jan Egri

    Mazol Tov on your royalty check!! Love love love the cups…in fact so much that I have 8 of my own!! Now, the food is another story…can’t wait for the recipes, it all looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing it all with us and starting our days with great smiles!!


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Lizzie had a very good day yesterday although she didn’t win any Mah Jongg games. However, she loves company and was given many treats during the afternoon! It was a definite winning day for her.


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