I’ve been absent from blogging for a few days but I am back now and ready to tell you over the next few days all about my amazing trip to Florida.

Charlotte is incredible and my few days in Naples turned out to be quite an exciting adventure. Today I am going to tell you about my talk and book signing at the Miromar Design Center in Estero (near Naples).

There was a really nice crowd that turned out for my talk and the book signing afterward went very well. However, it was the decor that Charlotte had worked on that really knocked me out. She had tableaus and tablescapes that she had put together from various design houses such as Brunschwig et Fills and other famous designers.

Take a look at what you saw when you walked into the room:


I am absolutely over the moon for that ottoman and the fabulous pillows!

There were two large screens projecting my Power Point presentation


And on each seat there was a postcard with the information about the book that Charlotte had printed up for the events; here is Charlotte’s dear friend, Anna, who helped with the book sales after the talk:


And here is a photo of one of my favorite people, Charlotte’s wonderful mother, Lisa  (on the left). And how about that gorgeous tablescape?!


And speaking of tablescapes, here are a few more photos of what the very talented Charlotte had put together in the room:

206 207 209




Tomorrow: my amazing experience at the Club at Mediterra (all thanks to Charlotte!)…

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