After an amazing experience at Tao Foot Spa, it was back to work the next day and a drive down to Miami Beach to appear at the incredible and fabulous Wolfsonian Museum. The museum is housed in a show-stopping building in Miami Beach’s Art Deco District. Jane Levy, the Events Coordinator of the museum, greeted me when I arrived and turned out to be someone I am sure I will be friends with for many years to come. Everything was all set for my Power Point presentation and we had time to sit and chat and get to know one another.

A nice group showed up for the talk and book signing but one of the best parts was the arrival of Shirley Hanick, one of my Mah Jongg Collector’s Association friends. Shirley and her husband Adrian happened to be on vacation in Florida from Canada and made it a point to come to the Wolfsonian to hear my talk. How wonderful is Shirley?!


The other best part was my sorority sister Jodie Knofsky driving over from Miami to be there for me. What a wonderful friend!


And guess who else showed up to lend her support? CHARLOTTE!!!! What an amazing lady she is!!!

After my talk the group broke up and started playing Mah Jongg in the middle of the café. I heard one woman proclaim, “Did you ever think the day would come when we would be playing Mah Jongg in the Wolfsonian Museum?!” I wish I had photos of the game play but I was so busy catching up with Shirley and Jodie that I completely forgot to snap some pictures!

It was a memorable experience for me to be a speaker at the incredible Wolfsonian Museum.


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