Well, it appears that there was a problem with today’s posting. Sorry about that. It will be fixed by tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!


3 thoughts on “LAST STOP

  1. Charlotte

    For those who followed your recent blogs and journey, I think we can guess that today’s missing content is a result of ‘brain-freeze’ in having returned to icy, snowy NY! (There’s nothing better than the ‘warmth of our FL sunshine’…in winter!)
    Do come back; there are so many Mah Jongg ‘family’ still to meet! Speaking on behalf of those who were here to enjoy your many Book Presentations, we sincerely thank you!


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Brain freeze, indeed. More like total life and limb freeze! A brief respite today and then back to being a frozen tundra tomorrow. Wouldn’t I just love to be back in sunny Florida!
      Ann xxo


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