Our friends Katherine Hartman, Ray Heaton, Bill Price, Tony Watson, and Michael Stanwick have put together a beautiful new quarterly magazine, “The Mahjong Collector.” We are all so excited to see the first edition and I thought you would like to know about this new publication put together by these five avid Mah Jongg collectors. Here is a nice review from Mahjong News

New Mahjong Magazine on the Scene: “The Mahjong Collector”


UNITED KINGDOM, February – Unique to the special interest, print magazine market is the new quarterly magazine, The Mahjong Collector, featuring articles on mahjong history, tile restorations, tile symbolism, set restoration and interviews with collectors. Filled with may stunning photos of a wide variety of tile sets, boxes, and other mahjong paraphernalia.

This publication is unique for it is the only periodical dedicated to a diverse group of people – Mahjong tile set collectors, be they also players, researchers or students of the game.

Published by The Mahjong Collector Company Limited, The Mahjong Collector magazine will be composed of a range of in-depth articles and interviews, accompanied by high quality photographs, in glorious colour, of tile sets found in personal collections and museums.

The authors are drawn from all fields of enquiry and creativity related to the tile set, such as origins, materials, language symbolism, cultural variations and the aesthetics of tile set decorations for example.

This is a United Kingdom publication.  Subscriptions:   Subscription rates for four quarterly issues:  UK £26.00, USA $56.00, all other mailing addresses please inquire at


  1. Katherine

    Hello Ann! All of us at THE MAHJONG COLLECTOR appreciate you sharing our news with your readers! Thank you so much!


    1. Katherine

      Hello Susan, you will receive an invoice from PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to pay the invoice. Any credit card check will work through PayPal. Thank you for your interest in the magazine. ~Katherine


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