It seems like forever and a day since I last joined the OMs for Mah Jongg Wednesday but today brought a few of us back together. We were supposed to go to S1’s but she came down with a nasty cold and had to back out for today. D was kind enough to invite us to her club for lunch and then an afternoon of Mah Jongg and we happily accepted her lovely invitation. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the full afternoon but I did get a few hands in during the short time I was there. For some unknown reason, we had a lot of wall games today – one of them was purposely created by me when I saw that my remaining tiles needed were all discarded and I couldn’t possibly win; I set up a situation with two exposures where everyone was sure about what hand I was playing and they all went into defensive mode resulting in a wall game…my strategy worked!

Here is one hand where I did successfully declare Mah Jongg:

A CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of 444 5555 666 7777. I was very happy with this hand because after the Charleston I didn’t have any tiles that worked together except for two 6 Bams. I was very surprised when the hand came together.


But then, I really messed up.

I was so very, very proud of myself for declaring Mah Jongg on this WINDS-DRAGONS hand of NN 77 SSS 777 7777.


However, I had exposed the 7777 earlier before the hand came together. When the N was discarded, I called for it and declared Mah Jongg – everyone was so impressed because this is a tough hand. BUT…then D noticed that it was a closed hand – I had totally ignored that C on the card! So, I was dead and the game went on (it resulted in yet another wall game) but even though I made a fatal mistake by not noticing that it was a closed hand, I still was secretly proud of myself for (sort of) completing this hand!

Those of you who read this blog know that I have made this mistake before and I finally highlighted in yellow all closed hands. But I had somehow lost that card (how did that happen?) and never got around to highlighting the closed hands on this replacement card. LESSON LEARNED!!!


  1. jonggjoy

    Oh that’s happened to me also….grrr

    Last week we played 8 games and 7 of them went to the Wall….yesterday we played 8 games and there was only one Wall! (I declared Mah Jongg four times – all hands I haven’t had before…..I’m a happy MahJer….


  2. Kate

    That Winds with matching numbers is tricky, you need jokers, and it is closed, I haven’t been successful either :-(. Oh well that is Mahj
    Hoping this one does not return in the new card


  3. Boots Hersh

    Ann, We have a really good player in our group, who just happens to be a man. He uses a red highlighter on his card. It doesn’t fade out as quickly as the yellow.


  4. JoAnn

    So maddening when at the end you realize it was a closed hand…I am glad to hear that it happens to other “seasoned” players as well!
    How nice of you to share…..


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