I have said it before and now I will say it again – Mah Jongg people are the NICEST people.

I received so many lovely comments and emails about my big mistake yesterday – you all made me feel so much better about being so stupid!!!!


Here are a few of the comments:

From JoAnn:  So maddening when at the end you realize it was a closed hand…I am glad to hear that it happens to other “seasoned” players as well! How nice of you to share…..

 From Boots: Ann, We have a really good player in our group, who just happens to be a man. He uses a red highlighter on his card. It doesn’t fade out as quickly as the yellow.

 From Kate: That Winds with matching numbers is tricky, you need jokers, and it is closed, I haven’t been successful either :-(. Oh well that is Mahj – Hoping this one does not return in the new card!

From Joy: Oh that’s happened to me also….grrr…

From Judy: Happens to all of us, Ann!

And from my friend Elizabeth: Pride cometh before the fall

– and although I know she was joking, that really hit home!


And last, but certainly not least, from our good friend Donna, a very helpful hint:

Funny you mention highlighting your card as yesterday I was experimenting around with using a Sharpee ultra fine permanent marker to outline the ‘any number’ hands. I also decided to try nail polish on the concealed hands. I know yellow highlighter fades away and I know others use red. So far, the nail polish (thinly applied) doesn’t rub off. I will experiment some more and suggest it in my April beginning class. Just something else to consider. I was also experimenting with a goldish color and  that’s inside the red outlines.
Donna in Calif.

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    I sent you my message but needed a password! Sorry. This was my reply. I played the north,south winds and was so proud putting it together for M.J, BUT with all 8’s!!! Oh well!! Then I also went on putting east and west together, putting 3 west’s up, O.K.!! again closed hand with like #’s. This was definitely with new card first month!! Guess we memorize card before and have to re-think our new card!!! Love and hugs, Phyllis


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