As you probably know, I call Johni Levene the “Mah Jongg teacher extraordinaire”…and she is. Not only is she one of the top Mah Jongg teachers in the country – BTW, she is based in Los Angeles –  she is also extremely generous and giving with her thoughts on the game. Yesterday she posted something that I may have posted before but even if I did, I had to share it again with all of you – I love it! Thanks to my “sista” Johni:

ALSO…Johni has started a fantastic Facebook page called, “Mah Jongg, That’s It” and it is open to all Mah Jongg players. Knowing Johni as I do, I know this is going to be a fun place to “meet” and discuss everything Mah Jongg. You can join by going to

I hope to see you there!!!

3 thoughts on “THANKS TO JOHNI LEVENE…

  1. Jan Egri

    Ann, I just love how you pass credits to those who do so much for all of us. So many people walk the path doing wonderful things, and while they don’t ask for recognition, I know they appreciate it when their name is mentioned in tribute to what they have done for others. All the more reason why I appreciate you! AND talking about you, just look at what you give to all of us too!!! I love reading your blog. It gives a true outlook on so much of what life should be about. I thank you.


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