We are all buzzing about the new Facebook group, “Mah Jongg, That’s It.” On one of the first postings, Meredith told us the funniest story along with photos and she has generously given me permission to share it with all of you. Enjoy…

Meredith wrote, “I play with such a great group of ladies. We have started shaming ourselves in order to play better, complete with our “FEEBS” tiaras (which stands for feeble). And just to clarify the discarding feebs pictured below … They began by discarding a tile immediately after the Charleston. They were not East. When the true East discarded, the Feeb’s East was declared dead due to having only 12 tiles. If they had caught it before East discarded, they would have been fine. So far, our entire group has worn the FEEBS tiara at one time or another. (Some of us more than others!)”



3 thoughts on “ARE YOU A “FEEB?”

  1. Phyllis Cusumano

    Love it!! Wish I had thought of this. Will try coming up with something soon since we have a few “feebs” also. Phyllis C.


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