Guess what I found waiting for me today in my mailbox…


I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet but, at first glance, it looks like so much fun! I do think some of the hands are harder than on the 2014 card because in a number of the hands where last year’s card asked for a Pung of Flowers, this new card is asking for a Pung of Dragons instead. Much easier to get those Flowers, as we all know. So, this is going to be a fun challenge – can’t wait to start playing with this card!

Did you receive your card yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the new 2015 card?

10 thoughts on “IT’S HERE!!!

  1. wife8

    Looks like fun.. Some new to me hands. ( Only playing about five years). Haven’t played with yet but will be tomorrow, so I might feel differently then,


  2. Stuart Wilber

    Looks like fun. There is one less closed hand. Our group plays that it takes a Qunt or a closed hand or an S&P to win the kitty. We are defensive players, so that kitty adds up. The substitution of Dragons for Flowers make those hands more difficult. All year I’ve been wishing for a Quint with winds and dragons instead of winds and flowers. I hope I don’t regret that wish. We play with the new card this morning – can’t wait!


      1. Stuart Wilber

        We played today. My first Mah Jongg was S&P112 11223 112233 The dealer had rolled doubles so it was $4.00 win for me and the kitty. Jaime made the same hand later in the day. – self picked and doubled – an even bigger hand. We found switching hands a little more difficult. Switching S&P even used to work with closed hands 2468 because the 2 flowers worked with both. But now the 2468 Closed hand uses dragons. Over all, we like the new card. We think it’s a bit more difficult than last year’s; but that’s not a bad thing. We have another game tomorrow. 2 different players and 3 from today. It will be their first game with the card. I’ll share their reactions later in the week.


    1. Sylvia

      Can’t wait for the mail on Monday. So disappointed that I have not received the card yet!! Still can’t figure out the logic to waiting to the end of March to ship out a new card!


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