Our dear friend, Jan E, found this fabulous poem as she was going through her mother’s belongings. Jan has allowed me to share it with you…I have a feeling that many of you will be showing it to your significant others!

Jan wrote: “Going through my Mom’s belongings and found this poem just as is on a white piece of paper all folded up. Not sure where she got it from, or how long she had it. I’m thinking it must be pretty old since the cost of membership was 60 cents. I wish I knew who or when it was written, but it’s on a plain piece of folded up paper. The .60 to join makes me think it is from late 1960’s or 1970 as the card was .50 in the late 60’s and jumped to .75 in the early 1970’s. BUT who knows? I also found a set of mahj tiles in a yellow wood box that my brother purchased in Formosa, now Taiwan, back in the 60’s.  Only 148 tiles and they are as big as sugar cubes, but very interesting.  

Much thanks to wonderful Jan for sending this to me and to the memory of her mother who saved this poem from so many years ago. BTW, the photo has nothing to do with Jan or her mother…I was just looking for a photo of a husband who was lamenting his wife’s obsession with Mah Jongg!



I am a lonesome husband, I’m writing to complain
That since my wife plays Mah Jongg our home is not the same
She doesn’t nag or scold me for an “office work” delay
For that just gives her one more chance, that Mah Jongg game to play.
She never dallies at her work, her tasks are quickly done.
She gets the girls together for an afternoon of fun.

There was a time when I’d come home feeling pains of stress.
My wife would give me at the door, a kiss and warm caress.
The table would be neatly spread, the food would be divine.
And I would feel that I was blessed to have a wife like mine.
But now alas! All this has passed, ‘tis just a memory…..
I’m now a Mah Jongg widower, as you can plainly see.

She must find plenty in the game to like it more than me.
But she will find I’m not a guy who gives up easily.
I’m sending you the sixty cents to join your membership
In hopes you’ll send me all the rules and any other tip
To help me in my troubled hour achieve my final aim
To bring her back into my life and beat her at this game!!!!

4 thoughts on “A HUSBAND’S LAMENT…

  1. Jan Egri

    Ann, I am so fortunate that a) my husband encourages my Mahj playing and collecting and b) he doesn’t want to play!!! Thanks for doing the post. xox


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