My current Mah Jongg class really has me amazed…there are twelve students and I am so delighted at how they have quickly picked up the game. Yesterday was only our second session and not only are they already playing the game, they actually seem to really grasp what it is all about. As their teacher, I am absolutely thrilled!


One student – who really has picked up the game with lightning speed – declared Mah Jongg with this Singles and Pairs hand (we are still using the 2014 card as the NMJL will not sell cards for new members until some time in April – someone please explain this to me!). Although we know you cannot use Jokers in the S&P hands, I still am very pleased that she was brave enough to try to complete this SINGLES AND PAIRS hand of 336 33669 336699.


Another student who was despairing about her ability to play the game, declared Mah Jongg with this lovely LIKE NUMBERS hand of FFFF 9999 99 9999. That’s the beauty of our beloved game – just when you think you can’t possible do anything with the tiles on your rack, it all comes together with a win!


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  1. Walter Casey

    Where do you teach these lessons? I live in CT and can be at Grand Central in under an hour. Do you teach intermediate MJ too?


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