The dear, talented, and wonderful Linda Fink Steinger has sent me the most beautiful gift…something I will cherish for the rest of my life and will be using every time I play Mah Jongg. Check out this magnificent Mah Jongg bag she needlepointed for me – I am so touched by this exquisite gift that I cannot find the right words of thanks.

My name is needlepointed on with fabulous iridescent beads and the words “Mah Jongg” are needlepointed onto the bag with a wonderful “glitz” thread. I wish these photos could show the intricate and amazing detail.


The back is a lovely black velvet:


The bag unzips all the way around three sides so you can see the beautiful green satin interior:


And here is a close-up of the intricate work that Linda has perfected:


This bag is the perfect size for my NMJL card, my coins for all the games I lose (!) and anything else I might need to bring along to the game table.

And don’t forget – Linda can make one of these for you, in custom colors and name. If you are interested, contact Linda at

10 thoughts on “WOW – WHAT A GIFT!!!

  1. Jan Egri

    Stunning!! She does beautiful work. Enjoy!! Btw heading to nyc in August for our 30th anniversary. Maybe a cup of coffee somewhere ?? Or a glass of wine??



    I cannot get Linda’s email address to open. Would like to find out about price of m.j. bag she needle-pointed . Thanks, Phyllis


  3. Carolyn

    Ann, you are obviously a very special friend. What a wonderful way for Linda to show you just how much! I recall when you posted the cost, it was out of my budget; but it is well worth it for all the labor and quality craftsmanship.


  4. Carol Wright

    Oh my, how beautiful and thoughtful is that labor of love? I used to needlepoint, so know how detailed and time consuming it is. It’s also a wonderful way to relax and have something to cherish forever. I’m thinking about it – if I want to splurge. I’m heading to her website right now to decide.
    xo, Carol


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