I must apologize as some of you are having a difficult trying to contact Linda Fink Steinger to discuss these beautiful bags. Try the following and if it still doesn’t work, try just copying this address into the “to” section on your email message. And if it still doesn’t work, do let me know! Ann

The dear, talented, and wonderful Linda Fink Steinger has sent me the most beautiful gift…something I will cherish for the rest of my life and will be using every time I play Mah Jongg. Check out this magnificent Mah Jongg bag she needlepointed for me – I am so touched by this exquisite gift that I cannot find the right words of thanks.

My name is needlepointed on with fabulous iridescent beads and the words “Mah Jongg” are needlepointed onto the bag with a wonderful “glitz” thread. I wish these photos could show the intricate and amazing detail.


The back is a lovely black velvet:


The bag unzips all the way around three sides so you can see the beautiful green satin interior:


And here is a close-up of the intricate work that Linda has perfected:


This bag is the perfect size for my NMJL card, my coins for all the games I lose (!) and anything else I might need to bring along to the game table.

And don’t forget – Linda can make one of these for you, in custom colors and name. If you are interested, contact Linda at