Wonderful Shirley  and her Thursday Mah Jongg group in Toronto had one last final fling with the 2014 card. Shirley wrote:

Because I only provided my Thursday group with their 2015 cards at our last game, we decided to play one last time with the 2014 card. Doubles gave me $6.00 on that hand. Wish I had picked it myself…

The person who gave me my mahj also foiled me in my quest to complete the 336 33669 336699 hand one final time.


Beautiful set and racks! 

Anybody else having a final fling with the old card before succumbing to the call of the new? Or is everyone now using the 2015 card exclusively?

6 thoughts on “A LAST HURRAH FOR 2014…

  1. Phyllis Cusumano

    Played with new card Tuesday 31st. day after receiving it. Won 5 hands all in the 369 catagory including closed hands. Attending tournament Wed. April 8th and tied for 4th place winning $45.00.
    Ordered Linda’s beautiful bag, Can hardly wait to get it. Thanks for showing us your lovely bag. Ordered exact one with my name on it!!! Hugs, Phyllis


    1. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

      Phyllis – please send photos when Linda sends you your bag – I definitely want to post it! And, congratulations on all of your wins on the new card – very impressive!!! Ann xxo


  2. Martha Kreisel

    Eight of us who play together regularly had our last fling with the 2014 card in a timeshare in Atlantic City. Went Tuesday through Thursday, played for hours, ate, played some more, had some sangria, and played some more. A few went to the outlet stores for a buying boost, and one of us went to the casino, Could not stay long, had to return to the hotel to play some more. Arriving home on Thursday, we stopped off for lunch at our favorite restaurant, and played some more. Three days of laughing and enjoying each others company. This is the fourth time we have gone away together, and are planning for the next. Great fun.


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