Our friend Gail has shared a wonderful photo with us and based on what she said about Ruth and her cooking and baking skills, I wish I could be there right now! Gail – we know that whatever she serves will be fabulous but please tell us about her game play…a great cook and a great Mah Jongg player – that’s a real double threat!


Gail wrote: “Here are some of my regular Monday group members, playing at the home of our red-shirted hostess Ruth. She has cooked and baked professionally for much of her life, so let me tell you – there is eager anticipation all around when she hosts.

 This Rottgames set is the one Toby bought for me 40+ years ago, and it wasn’t until last autumn that I finally overcame sentimental value and replaced the NMJL joker stickers with beautiful new ones.”

Don’t forget to share your Mah Jongg photos with me so I can post them on this blog!

2 thoughts on “WISH I COULD BE THERE…

  1. tobyalice

    I feel so famous! Gail asked me to learn to play in the 70’s when I arrived in San Francisco. We had driven cross country with everything I owned, 4 cartons. The van we came in was owned by the renowned tatoo artist Don Ed Hardy. When Gail asked me to learn she got a stubborn, flat out NO. BUT Gail can be more stubborn than me and here we are almost 40 years later playing and teaching and still the best of friends.

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