Not only is Dottie on a wonderful Mexican vacation but she has managed to put together Mah Jongg games on the beach…and with the new card!

Dottie wrote: “I am on Playa Anclote, Rocio’s Restaurant in Coral de Risco, Punta de Mita, Mexico.  Second day of playing on the beach with the new card. This was the second game of the day….off to a good start! Do you like the new card?”


6 thoughts on “WISH WE WERE THERE…

  1. lisa silbert

    We played 6 games yesterday with new card!! No wall game, I think Reslly like this new card best! Of course I have only been playing since 2012.


  2. Caren H.

    Dottie’s beaming smile says it all! I can’t think of a more beautiful setting for playing mah jongg!


  3. Gail Friedlander

    Oh Dottie – you live half of each year in two very different paradises, and you’ve made mah jongg a part of both of them. And look at your tan! Have fun, win lots of games, drink lots of margaritas, and invite us all next year 🙂


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