The Mah Jongg class I am currently teaching has finished their Beginners Class; now they are on to Supervised Play. Monday was only our second session and, to paraphrase Henry Higgins, I think they’ve got it!


Lisa is amazing – she declared Mah Jongg early on – only 8 tiles had been discarded with this nice WINDS – DRAGONS hand of NNNN EEEE WWWW SS. She’s had a real understanding of the game since our first lesson!


Minkie put together a beautiful CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of 11 222 3333 444 55 and she even remembered that you can’t use Jokers for a pair – a difficult concept to understand when you are first learning the game – good job, Minkie!


Linda also declared Mah Jongg with the same CONSECUTIVE RUN hand. She kept saying that she had nothing but managed to call out, “Mah Jongg!” Way to go, Linda!


Lisa put together one of my favorite hands, LIKE NUMBERS with FF 2222 2222 2222


I couldn’t be prouder!

4 thoughts on “I’M SO PROUD!

  1. Donna Eschen

    Yea! I know exactly how you feel when your students ‘get it’
    I had one of my students who just finished the classes play with my regular game last name and she was awesome!! We stop about 9 pm and she wanted to keep going!


  2. Boots Hersh

    Congratulations to all of you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Mah Jongg. You are now officially hooked on the game!


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