On May 8th our friends, Donna and Boots, will be hosting a very special Mah Jongg event. They have a really wonderful event planned but asked if I have any ideas to add to the day – I appeal to you for your input. Let me know and I will post your thoughts. Let’s help out Donna and Boots make this the best Mah Jongg day ever!

Donna wrote:

Boots and I have invited all the city Recreation "mucky 
mucks", along with Mayor, city council and Parks and Rec 
Commissioners. We'll see who shows! We are having an Asian
theme, telling everyone to wear their MJ jewels, and we 
will have 8 hands written on a poster board with one 
lottery ticket attached to each of those hands. When the 
hand is made the lottery ticket is taken. We will also 
have people donate a dollar to the "pot" and every time 
you get a MJ, you get to put your name on a slip of paper;
at the end of the afternoon a name is drawn and you win 
the pot.

So, if you happen to be in the Central California area on May 8th, give Donna or Boots a call and plan to join in the fun. Their phone numbers can be found below.