Some of my Mah Jongg students came over the other morning for a couple of hours of game play. I am so proud of these ladies – as I have been telling you – because they really do get it!

Lisa had two Mah Jongg wins (she’s such a star – she’s the same one who had Mah Jongg the other day after only 8 tiles were discarded!):

Her first Mah Jongg was with the 13579 hand of 11 333 5555 777 99


 The second of her wins was with a 2468 hand of 22 444 FFFF 666 88. Lisa never fails to impress me because she does try hands from all categories on the card.

IMG_2839Susan, who has had only two Mah Jongg lessons so far, didn’t fail to impress me with her two wins. The first was with a 13579 hand of 555 7777 777 9999. I couldn’t have been prouder to see her understand the concept of this hand. 

And look what she put together for her second win – the fun WINDS – DRAGONS hand with NNNN EEEE WWWW SS. And she picked the last East tile herself for the win!


How proud am I!!!

4 thoughts on “PROUDER STILL!

  1. beth gindy

    Hi, is that a vintage Mah Jongg tablecloth? I’m dying to find one. If so where do you suggest I look?

    Thanks so much!




    1. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

      Hi Beth – good eye! And yes, it is vintage. But now you are about to be the very first to know. I am waiting for my sample to arrive – as soon as I approve it then I will be placing a big order of brand new “vintage” Mah Jongg table covers to be manufactured and will be selling them. Stay tuned. Honest – you are really the first to know!
      Ann xxo


  2. Phyllis Cusumano

    I have table covers that have the whole display of the Charleston and all suits and dragons showing which ones go with each suit.
    A gal here designed this and has been selling them here in Naples and Bonita, and Marco Island. I have sold about 3 dozen for her to my students and players. If interested I will give you her info for you or anyone else to contact. Hugs, Phyllis Cusumano, Naples, FL.


  3. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

    Hi Phyllis – yes, I actually have two of her covers. I met her when I spoke at the Club at Mediterra in Naples. Mine are very different from what she is selling and will be less expensive. Hopefully you will want to sell some of them as well! Hugs to you! Ann xxo


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