Nina Badzin, a terrific freelance writer, has written a wonderful article for The article is called Why I Love My Mah-Jongg Group and I suspect we can all relate to what she has to say.

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Nina writes: “I’ve been meaning to write about why I love my Mahj-jongg group for several years. Well, this is finally the week! Do you play mahj-jongg or any other game with a group of friends? Do I sound like I’m 92? Come to to why I love my mahj-jongg group, and why I think groups like this are great for forging bonds with friends.” 

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Five years ago when a close friend told me she wanted to start a mah-jongg group and invited me join her, I immediately said yes. Sure, we were in our thirties, not our eighties, but I liked the idea of getting together with friends for an activity that included neither our children nor our spouses and resembled nothing I had tried with friends before. I also found it appealing that this proposed activity was not a book club, as I’d already been in several mostly-unsuccessful ones in my adult life. I appreciated, too, that playing “mahj,” as it’s more commonly known, would give me something to do with several friends at once that was different from the usual dinner outing for someone’s birthday where you never get to speak to the people on the other side of a long table.

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    I have so many fabulous stories about my students and my classes. Wish I could tell all but I am not a computer person and/or don’t know how to show pictures. I had a student make 2014 within 4 picks of tiles. I have had students who made closed hands when she was terrified of me leading her into closed hands! I have taught for 22 years and about 2,000 (yes, 2,000 students) in S.W. FL. Some entered my tournaments within months of lessons!! How proud I am and especially of them!! Phyllis Cusumano of Naples, FL.


  2. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

    Phyllis – thank you for your comments – 2000 students!!! WOW! And why do I have a feeling that they all still stay in touch with their wonderful Mah Jongg teacher?! Ann xxo


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