Remember the posting of the Best Get Well Card Ever? Donna just sent an update and the good news is that Julie is back at the Mah Jongg table! Julie – we are all delighted that you have rebounded and with such a great recovery!

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From Donna: “Today for the third day in a row it was overcast (so not like our weather) and even drizzly today. It’s not enough rain to make any difference to the farmers but enough to make the cars a mess.
Julie was itching to get out of the house and play a little MJ so we gathered a few people and I had found  a local restaurant that would let us play! We cornered the table by the fireplace and we settled in and chatted a lot, solved all the world’s problems and managed to play only 4 hands. We ate good food and gelato. Surprisingly, no one stopped by to see what we were doing. I was wondering about that as MJ is not a game that is common here. 
Julie is the one holding the paper and she said that her shoulder is held together with “10 screws, a plate, and glue”, no stitches. While she can’t bike ride right now, she’ll squeeze in some more MJ!”