Pictured from left to right: Moriah Berry, Jordyn Fishman, and Alexis Miller 

               Pictured from left to right: Moriah Berry, Jordyn Fishman, and Alexis Miller

There are certain experiences that bond people for life. For us, it was being daughters of breast cancer warriors. We met during the summer of 2013 when we interned through an internship program and became fast friends. Throughout the school year, the three of us made sure to get together every break when we were home to catch up and reminisce. Our friendship grew. We were there for each other through break-ups, graduations, and even cancer. While other friends might not have understood the impact of watching your mother lose her hair, changing drains, and having to hold a mother’s hand through surgery, we all just got it.

Over Thanksgiving break 2014, we had an idea. Why not plan an event dedicated to our moms, who all have survived breast cancer, and raise awareness? We were all inspired by the shear strength and courage our mothers displayed, and wanted to do something to honor them and all they have done for us. That is how Stay Strong and Mahj On came to fruition. Our mothers are all avid Mah Jongg players, as are we. We could not think of a better way to celebrate our mothers, while working towards a good cause.

The money raised from the event will benefit the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook, Illinois. This Center has helped our families as well as thousands of others dealing with cancer. We are honored and excited to plan this event, and it is providing a fun diversion to our full-time schoolwork. With your help, we hope to raise enough money to help support a nutritionist for the Cancer Wellness Center and help spread awareness about breast cancer, especially through our personal narratives.

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  1. Carolyn Corrigan

    My prayers are with you. Last year I had 5 friends diagnosed with various forms of breast cancer. Four have gotten good one-year reports;one is still waiting to hear.

    I pray for good results for you and the strength to deal with your health challenges.

    Carolyn H. Corrigan

    601 Saint Andrews Court

    Dagsboro, DE 19939-9234


    “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”


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