Our dear friend Donna told me about an amazing Mah Jongg player by the name of Robin…last night I had the pleasure of speaking with Robin by telephone. 

As I learned, Robin recently moved from Calabasas to the central coast area of California and is living in a temporary community until the home she is building is finished in the late fall. As soon as Robin moved into her new home, she started searching for Mah Jongg games. It seemed there were no players but Robin persisted, a teacher was found, lessons were given, and now Robin has a group playing Mahj with her. Robin also was introduced to Donna and Boots and occasionally plays Mahj with them as well.

So, why am I writing today about Robin? Well, this is a very determined lady – she lost a good deal of her vision ten years ago but that hasn’t stopped her from playing her favorite game. She has devised ways to “see” what is exposed on other players’ racks and what tiles are discarded. She has a special lamp known as an Ott Lite that allows her to clearly view her own tiles.

Yes, where there is a will to play our beloved game, no problem will stand in the way.

Enjoy these photos of a very determined lady!

Hmmm…is it possible that Sir Alex is also a Mah Jongg fan?

2Here you can see the Ott Lite helping Robin along with her super-sized Mah Jongg card.
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  1. Carolyn

    My mother has macular degeneration, and the Ott light might be good for her. Which model does Robin use, and where did she get it?


  2. Donna

    So glad you got to chat with Robin! She and Alex are amazing! Robin plays quickly and also writes down any tile that has been called as that helps her keep track as she can’t see the distance across the table. She plays a great game and everyone enjoys playing with her!
    Alex has his own name tag and is a real sweetie although we are not allowed to pet or even talk to him we enjoy him!


  3. Boots Hersh

    I need to echo Donna’s comments. ” Amazing” doesn’t begin to describe Robin. Playing MJ with her is one of the greatest experiences I have had. There are not enough words to describe how I felt after playing with her the first time….awe, gratitude, humility, and profound respect. She personifies the old saying about making lemonade from lemons!



  4. Boots Hersh

    The Ott LIte that Robin uses is the table top model. They can be found in most craft stores and certainly online. This model is totally portable. Also comes in a floor lamp. i, too, have early stage macular degeneration and I initially bought mine to help in my counted cross stitch projects. I highly recommend that you stay with the Ott Lite brand.


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