This should be every Mah Jongg player’s mantra:

Thanks to Johni Levene…the woman I call  the “Mah Jongg teacher extraordinaire”…and she is. Not only is she one of the top Mah Jongg teachers in the country – BTW, she is based in Los Angeles –  she is also extremely generous and giving with her thoughts and this one is from her.

2 thoughts on “WORDS TO LIVE BY…

  1. tobyalice

    So many of the things I say in my Mah Jongg Classes are about LIFE.
    We take, we give.
    When you make an error, it is always a gift, you always learn from it.
    It’s not over till its over! Like baseball, you can still win in the ninth!
    Anything can happen.
    Let the tiles lead YOU. In life we all have paths that we did not expect, we just have to take a new attitude about it.

    What a wonderful community we are.


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