If you are a reader of this blog then you know I always say that Mah Jongg people are the nicest people. Well, get ready to read on and learn that Mah Jongg people are also the most talented and creative people. 

From the beautiful state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest, our friend Katie planned an amazing party for the June birthday celebrants in her Mah Jongg group.  

KATIE: “It’s still a secret until tomorrow, but I couldn’t help myself, but sharing. I cannot take credit for the cake, but I did the tiles and the dice. I didn’t have a mold for all the tiles, so I just made a special hand. I’m hosting tomorrow and, since the weather is gorgeous, I’m planning to set up the table on our back porch and have lunch there too. We had many June birthdays, including my own coming up (last one before the big 4-0!), so I wanted to have something special.

   The cake is a simple chocolate layered with chocolate in between. I first asked her to make it vanilla or similar, but I guess she forgot. It was still very delicious and decadent. The green is fondant. I made the tiles out of gum paste, because it hardens much faster than fondant.” 

And now, get ready to feast your eyes on this incredible, amazing, phenomenal cake –

Katie, you rock!Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.26.24 PMKatie went on to say, “I had such a lovely day playing with a few of my great friends today, kicking off what I hope is my week-long celebration. The cake was a fantastic creation of one of the moms in S.’s class, and I made the tiles and dice.”2 1 3 4


  1. Stuart Wilber

    Even more delicious than the cake (and it was very tasty) was the love shown in the making. We had four birthdays in our group of 14 in the same week. Unfortunately JoAnn whose 80th birthday was on the day the cake was cut, broke her hip the week before so the two table game for 8 became one table of 5. Two of our players brought her a hunk of cake which I sampled yesterday when we brought the game to the rehab center. Sunday’s, Monday’s, and Wednesday’s games will also be there from 10-3… JoAnn has scheduled her PT and Occupational Therapy sessions before and after the games. We take our Mah Jongg seriously here in the Pacific Northwest.


  2. Katie

    Indeed, it was our dear friend, JoAnn, and her special day that day that inspired this cake. Besides her liking to collect wind tiles, she is a total magician. She can get the worse tiles at the beginning, and then win with a closed or S&P hand. Always fascinating to watch her thinking when I’m out as the 5th player.


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