One of my star Mah Jongg students is gone for the summer but I just received the following message from her. All I can say is, thank goodness her husband and son are safe…and the Mah Jongg set is intact. Hey – we know our priorities, right?!!

“Ann, my house in Pennsylvania burned down on Thursday night. My son and husband (and two of three dogs) made it out safely. We are going through to salvage what we can. Guess what?  That heavy wood case protected my Mah Jongg tiles! One must keep a sense of humor!”

And a beautiful enrobed set it is…IMG_0227I must add a sorrowful note to this story which I have spun with a bit of a frivolous air – sadly, the third dog did die. He was 13 years old, blind, deaf, and an incredibly dear soul. He couldn’t hear anyone yelling to get out of the house. He was sound asleep on the bed he loved. Hopefully he has now made it across the Rainbow Bridge where he happily frolics in the sunshine every day, sight and hearing fully restored.

I’m hugging Lizzie right now as I think of this dear old pup who didn’t make it out of the house…

4 thoughts on “PRIORITIES…

  1. Jan Egri

    How devastating for you. I am sending my strongest positive thoughts to you and your family and mostly my prayers for the loss of Lizzie. Remarkable that your set made it, so you do have some peace. Be strong. I’m a distance away, but if there is anything I can do to help, please contact me!


    1. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

      Hi Jan – this did not happen to me and I am thankful for that. But this did happen to one of my students who I am very fond of; what an awful situation. I still have my dear little Lizzie; it was my student who lost her dog and her home. But her husband, son, and two of the dogs are safe and sound…along with the Mah Jongg set! Ann xxo


  2. Boots Hersh

    Thank G-d, your husband and son are safe. That’s the important part of your story. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog.
    Remember that all the other things that were lost were just that….things!


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