Lisa has been an amazing student in one of my Mah Jongg classes. She seemed to understand the game from day one. And ever since then, all she has wanted is a vintage Bakelite Mah Jongg set.

Lisa is a very philanthropic woman and for twenty plus years she has been involved with an organization called “Learning to Look.”  In order to show their thanks for her undying commitment and the hard work she has given all these years to this organization, the other members of the group decided to give Lisa a beautiful vintage Bakelite set as a surprise gift.

Please enjoy the face of happiness – these photos say it all:IMG_2677 IMG_2681


Congratulations to Lisa – you deserve this beautiful set; you are a very special person, indeed.

6 thoughts on “THE FACE OF HAPPINESS…


    Mah Jongg players are so very special. Two groups of my students took me out for my birthday and brought me flowers as well. So many of my past students even remembered my b’day with emails and cards. Very special indeed!!! Phyllis C. of Naples


  2. Jan Egri

    It is so true that what you give comes back to you 100 fold! This is just an example of all that you have done and how much you have been appreciated. Tons of jokers and luck coming yur way!


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