MAH JONGG PEOPLE (in miniature!)

The other day I received an email from Nancy Bono, telling me about these Mah Jongg pins and magnets that she makes. My first thought was, “cute…but…” and then I received the following message from her: “These mahjong tiles belonged to my mother and grandmother. i wanted to keep them close to my heart. They are little people pins and are very versatile. No two are alike.”

As soon as I read her message, I realized how dear these little “people” really are. I love the sentimentality involved with each piece. And Nancy is definitely prolific! If you are interested, you can contact Nancy at or visit her Facebook page at Nancy’s little Mah Jongg people are $20 each (includes shipping).

Here is just a sampling of Nancy’s creativity:pin pin2 pin3 pin4 pin5 pin6 pin7 pin8 pin9 pin10 pin11 pin12 pin13 pin14 pin15 pin16

2 thoughts on “MAH JONGG PEOPLE (in miniature!)


    Amazing to see these once again. I also made these “little” m.j. people pins about 16 years ago and either gave them away to students or m.j. tournament players. I also made bracelets, earrings, and eye glass necklace holders. I stopped making them due to my arthritic hands along with not having enough time. Good to see someone else enjoyed these as well. Phyllis C.


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