I received the following fabulous photo from my friend Christine M, along with the question as to whether or not this was “real” Mah Jongg…yes, Chris – this is the real thing but it just isn’t real American Mah Jongg!IMG_4579For you “newbies” out there – do you know how we can tell that these people are not playing American Mah Jongg? List as many clues as you can find and let me know!

BTW, stayed tuned…on the 30th I will be posting a gift for all of us!

9 thoughts on ““REAL” MAH JONGG?

  1. Nancy Nortz

    No racks, no cards, size of tiles ALL men playing and watching. We know a few men who play, but in China, mostly men play.


  2. Chow Kim Wan

    Rather obvious from the background. Chinese text. Maybe that’s just me because I am Chinese (not mainland Chinese though) and I can recognize Chinese characters. In fact, the fact that the banner is in Simplified Chinese strongly suggests this is Mainland China.


  3. Brenda Sanchez

    i can fid a few hints htat it isnit american Mah Jongg;

    \it is being played in china the players are al chinese hereare ho racks SO HOW DOES ONE RACKS htere are o pu shers the game must have jsut started because there are very few discards…so there are onlllllly 2 walls some people seem to have two rows of tiles….

    and that is all i can tell


  4. Audrey Glick

    Not a newbie, but this is not American man jongg. No racks, the tiles are stacked differently, the tiles are chunky so they will stand up, the players are Asian and they are men (not that that rules out American man jongg, just not as likely) and the sign is not in English.


  5. Judith Johnston

    1. The tiles are larger than tiles used in American Mah Jong
    2. No racks are used – the tiles stand up alone.
    3. The wall is built differently with less number of tiles and not joined at the ends to make a wall..
    4. Less number of tiles.
    5. No Jokers are used.
    6. No NML card with list of games.
    7. No Flower or Season tiles


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