I am trying and trying to play the SINGLES AND PAIRS hands on this year’s card but all I ever get is close and, as we all know, there is no second place in Mah Jongg. When I think of all the times that I pray for a Joker…but, wouldn’t you know it, I get one just when I don’t need it! This isn’t the first time that I have tried to win with this hand of FF 11 33 55 77 99 DD – but those Soaps just kept getting discarded and I didn’t have that second 9 Dot yet and so couldn’t pick up any of them. You can see them on the table – so frustrating and, as Johni Levene (Los Angeles’ Mah Jongg teacher extraordinaire!) would say, TRAGIC!

Tragic hand on rack

4 thoughts on “TRAGIC!

  1. Minkt

    Yes, there is a very “special” kind of frustration in Mah Jongg. You sit silently but about to explode as EVERYTHING you need is sloughed off! But, we LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the game!


  2. Betty Sue Minor

    Sat in your chair just last night, not once but three times; always a bridesmaid, never the bride but had 8 wall games so at least my score was above zero as we give 10 pts for a wall game. LOL Much fun with or without jokers.


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