I received an email from a new reader by the name of Calina (what a pretty name!) – she wrote the following:

“Hello Ann, I will be visiting the Baltimore area from the San Francisco Bay Area the first week of August. I found your blog in the hopes of finding a game to play. I just learned to play but have been playing with intermediate players. Would you be able to connect me with a game or two? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Calina”

Okay all you “Charm City” folks (that’s the nickname for Baltimore…really!) – who can help out Calina? Shoot me a message and I will forward it to her.

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2 thoughts on “SHOUT OUT FOR HELP!!!

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    She should reach out to the ladies at the AMJL. That’s their home city. I’ll bet they know every game in a several hundred mile radius.

    Lucy Santiago



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