Our friend Diane G. sent me an email describing her artistic interpretation of the game. Love these photos and Diane’s explanation!

Diane writes: “Re: ‘The Art of the Game’: our group has taken to enhancing our mahj experience by using different sets, different mahj tablecloths, and even stacking the tiles in interesting ways, as if a centerpiece. Here is my latest; a vintage blue-backed tile set, with significant tiles displayed on each rack. We had not played with this set, and there could be confusion between flowers and one bam, so I displayed them ahead of time. We had a great day, but, alas, I was a Great Supporting Player, not a winner. In my book, however, any day of mahj makes me a winner.”

No truer words have ever been spoken!!! Enjoy Diane’s art work…


“Another fun way to greet our mahj friends.
Diane G”