The other day I received an email from Susan in Naples, Florida. So, to all you West Coast Floridians – how can we help out a future MJ player? If you are a Mah Jongg teacher in the Naples area – or if you know someone who teaches in that general area – send me an email or reply to this posting and I will pass the information on to Susan. Here is the message I received from her:

Hi Ann,

I found you through Google when I put in Mah Jongg Naples FL.

I am interested in learning Mah Jongg this fall.  I have never played but wish to join my friends who are just a few months ahead of me.

I am a full time Naples resident living in the Vineyards and am very flexible as far as the time goes. It does not matter to me if the lessons are private or if I join a beginner’s group.

Can you help me or, if not, can you point me in another direction?

Susan T

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    Wonderful!!! I live in the Vineyards and I teach mah jongg. Would love to teach Susan. Please tell her to email me at _jpcusu@aol.com_ ( or call me at 455-2005. Would love to add her to my list of students. I have taught over 2000 with a 22 year time frame!! Phyllis Cusumano


  2. Phyllis Cusumano

    How great emails are!! Here we can make new friends especially mah jongg friends. And we can stay in touch with family and friends as well. And I thought I never wanted a computer!!! How wrong I was. Love it!! Phyllis


  3. Kathryn Fagliarone

    I am in Bonita springs area and have taught at our Club Palmira. Will be back in Fl. In October. The girls play all year there. If she wants more info tell her to e mail me.

    Thank you Kay Fagliarone.

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  4. Judy

    Nancy with the Italian American Club hosts tournaments in Naples (the next one is the weekend of August 20) and I think she may teach as well. I will get her contact information


    1. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

      Thanks, Judy. I will pass this on to Susan although I think she may be all set now with Phyllis who lives in her same community. But, I really appreciate your response.


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