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And the special treat is courtesy of Gehazi Collections!

Look what I received in today’s mail from Gehazi Collections in Detroit (my hometown where the people at Gehazi are the nicest!! – be sure to scroll all the way down for the special treat):IMG_0748 (1)Oh, the people at Ghazi are SO clever – of course Mah Jongg accessories should be sent in a Chinese food container – LOVE IT!IMG_0749 (2)The container was filled with beautiful and colorful bags that contained wonderful goodies – IMG_0755 (1)

IMG_0756 (1)A lavender and white eyeglass leash; two pairs of Mah Jongg earrings; a fabulous and unusual bracelet, plus…IMG_0754 (2)My newest black and white eyeglass leash (I thought it was time to add another to complement my green one – and now I have a lavender one, as well!IMG_0758 (2)How about this fabulous and very unusual bracelet – I have never seen anyone else wearing this beauty. I have a feeling that this bracelet is going to bring me very good luck in my next Mah Jongg game!

And for the readers of this blog, a special treat courtesy of Gehazi Collections… 

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Thank you, Sandra!!! You are the best!!!

IMG_0753 (2)



I know that most people think that it is only women playing American Mah Jongg – and perhaps it is true that the majority of players here in the U.S. are women. But we are seeing more and more men taking up the game…and loving it! Here’s proof of that by way of our dear friend Donna in Central California

“Hi Ann,

This is funny and should bring a smile to your face.

Today we played at our Sr. Center in Santa Maria. There are always 8 tables set up but the most we have ever been is 29. Today we hit 32 people including all 4 men! All 8 tables were filled and some of the regulars weren’t even there.

What a fun afternoon we had.  We play from 12-4 with some people coming early and a few leaving before 4. We are thrilled with this turnout. Although some people complain about the noise level getting a bit too high when a game is over but it passes. I ring a little bell when it gets “too much”. 

Anyway.. three of the  men happened to be playing with my sparkly pink set that Boots fondly nickname the “Barbie set”. I had the 4th man sit down for the pic and they were laughing about “tough enough to play Barbie”.. what fun..

 The second pic is “packing up Barbie”. The man in the red shirt is one of the very best players. I was a little skeptical when I bought the “sparkly pink” set that people wouldn’t like it but I wanted something different and everyone thinks it’s fun, including me!

There was so much going on today that sometimes I feel more like a “social director” than a player but it’s all in good fun.

Smile… hope you are feeling good!



DSCN1907 DSCN1908


Oh, the pain when we discard a tile that results in another player calling out Mah Jongg! Meredith has been one of my top Mah Jongg students and now is away for the summer – we miss her! She sent me the following email:

“My MJ group on the island. Dana’s closed hand and I gave it to her!  I knew in that game yesterday that the winds had not been thrown and I knew Dana loves the winds.  I had 3 winds and had to throw one and chose the wrong one.  It is true if I give the person MJ I have to pay double, right?  That cost me a whole dollar!”

IMG_0227I think Dana looks as surprised as Meredith! Congratulations to Dana on winning with a great closed SINGLES AND PAIRS hand NN EE WW SS 11 11 11!

IMG_0226With a closed hand it is difficult to figure out what hand is being played and what tiles are safe to discard. But there are clues – here’s another quiz for you newbies (and experienced players can chime in, too!):

What clues as to what not to discard – or what tiles might be safe – exist in a game when a player has no exposures? Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!



I received an email from a new reader by the name of Calina (what a pretty name!) – she wrote the following:

“Hello Ann, I will be visiting the Baltimore area from the San Francisco Bay Area the first week of August. I found your blog in the hopes of finding a game to play. I just learned to play but have been playing with intermediate players. Would you be able to connect me with a game or two? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Calina”

Okay all you “Charm City” folks (that’s the nickname for Baltimore…really!) – who can help out Calina? Shoot me a message and I will forward it to her.

mahjong_greeting_card (1)


…Mah Jongg people are the nicest people…and the most thoughtful! And that statement keeps proving itself to be true, over and over again.

I hadn’t checked my mail in a couple of days and finally wandered down to my mailbox this morning. Inside I found the most beautiful gift from our dear friend Joy…check this out (I am so touched and am writing this with tears in my eyes)…

IMG_0724 IMG_0727Darling Joy, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, kind words, and the healing tea. I hope you know how much this all means to me. And now, I will relax with the rest of my cup of Twinings Lemon and Ginger tea (Mah Jongg appropriate with its Chinese herbal overtones!) and, just as you instructed, I will be thinking of you! xxoIMG_0740


Linda H, one of my ace Mah Jongg students, invited me to join her and her friends up on her beautiful rooftop terrace to celebrate the 4th of July. We enjoyed a delicious and wonderful dinner and a fabulous view of the amazing Macy’s fireworks display. And, to add to the perfection of the evening, guess who was visiting and joined us in the festivities…Johni Levene, Mah Jongg teacher extraordinaire from Los Angeles! A great time was had by all!!!

Before we went over to Linda’s, Johni had a few moments of bonding with Lizzie!IMG_0707

IMG_0708Johni and I made a new group of friends that night and I hope to see them again soon – and ! think I will since they all said they wanted me to teach them how to play Mah Jongg! There were seven of us altogether – here’s a brief glimpse of that gorgeous rooftop and Johni with a big smile (as always!!). IMG_0720And here’s Linda – definitely the hostess with the mostest – as she cuts into her very patriotic – and DELICIOUS – dessert!IMG_0719

I love my “sista” Johni…me and Johni