Although a couple of the OMs (S1 and S2) are away for the summer, we were still able to get together at J’s home on Wednesday. She made a wonderful lunch – gazpacho and a delicious chicken salad – and then we were off and running with many Mah Jongg games.

After the Charleston my hand looked just like this…I knew as soon as I exposed one of my Kongs that no one would throw out any more Winds and I had to pray that I would pick the Winds myself or else get lucky with Jokers. IMG_0827As luck would have it, I did pick up a couple of Jokers and, because it was fairly early in the game, J held her breath and hoped that I wouldn’t be able to pick up an East…lucky me, out it came…I called for it and was able to declare Mah Jongg with the WINDS & DRAGONS hand of NNNN EEEE WWWW SS!IMG_0828K won the next game with a beauty of a Quints hand with NNNNN DDDD 22222.IMG_0829At the beginning of a new game my hand was shaping up nicely after the Charleston. There was no question that I should play the 2468 hand of FF 2222 8888 DDDD but would I be able to pull it off?IMG_0831Mid-game I was still feeling pretty good…IMG_0832…until X declared Mah Jongg with this CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of FF 1111 2222 3333 (the last 3 Dot was cut off in the photo – sorry about that!). IMG_0833Here you can see that I was happy to declare Mah Jongg with a SEVEN HANDS win of FFFF 3333 44 7777 in this game.IMG_0834With yet another game starting and the Charleston ended, I found myself looking at what could only be another SEVEN HANDS…but would I be able to collect four FLOWERS to win since I had none to start and also didn’t have any Jokers?


Lucky, lucky, lucky – look at all those Jokers I picked up to allow me to declare Mah Jongg with a SEVEN HANDS of FFFF 1111 66 7777. I should have taken a hint about my lucky streak and played the lottery that night!

IMG_0836As always, it was wonderful to be with the fabulous OMs and a great time was had by all!

4 thoughts on “MAH JONGG WEDNESDAY!

  1. Jan Egri

    Those are all great hands. So happy these all occurred on Wednesday and was out of your system by Thursday.



    Love your wonderful stories and hands. Wish I knew how to send my fabulous hands made by myself and my players along with my students. Imagine my surprise when teaching I say, let’s go over the card but don’t be concerned about singles and pairs at this time because no jokers can be used. Lo and behold, I hear a student say “some tile” or “joker”! I look over and there she is playing singles and pairs!!! AND she makes it!! One never knows with this wonderful game of mah jongg!!! Love all the stories. Hugs, Phyllis


    1. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

      Your comment about students being told not to play Singles & Pairs and then suddenly they call Mah Jongg with one of those hands really made me laugh since I see this all the time! Ann xxo


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