Sometimes I am a bit late in checking my mail…I finally got around to picking up the past week’s mail late on Sunday evening…imagine my surprise to find an envelope from Meredith, one of my star students. I couldn’t wait to get upstairs to open it up and WOW, was I ever surprised to find the most fabulous eyeglass case that she had stitched for me. It is SO FABULOUS and I am SO THRILLED to have it…not to mention how impressed I am by her beautiful handwork. Her stitches are PERFECT!

Here is the front (and could those images be of my beloved Pung Chow Flowers? – Meredith is amazing!):

IMG_0856And the back:IMG_0858And even the lining is fabulous:IMG_0859I’m still trying to find the right words of thanks to give to Meredith – this is a gift I will not only use every single day but I will treasure it always. 

Monday I went out to lunch with a friend and couldn’t stop bragging about this fabulous eyeglass case – my friend loved it and couldn’t get over the beautiful and perfect stitching. Thank you, Meredith!!!IMG_0860

8 thoughts on “WOW – WHAT A GIFT!!!

  1. Elizabeth Shun

    That is really well done. The lining is quite impressive. I can’t do any of that stuff, so I’m always in awe of those who can.

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  2. Jan Egri

    Ann you certainly do receive some of the nicest gifts. It must mean it’s because you are such an awesome person. Her work looks beautiful!


  3. Phyllis Cusumano

    What a beautiful gift indeed!! You are truly blessed with so many who appreciate knowing you. Hugs, Phyllis


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