I was looking through my Pinterest boards and found these photos – wish I knew where to buy these beautiful candies – any ideas?

Dark chocolate truffles:


White chocolate truffles (these look similar to the ones I posted the other day although those were solid white chocolate and these supposedly are truffles, which, by definition, would have a ganache center):white

6 thoughts on “DOUBLE YUM!!!

  1. Katie

    These are not something you can buy, but you’d need to make. There is a hard plastic mold (you can find it on Amazon), kind of like an old-fashioned ice cube tray for you to put the chocolate in. I did get it and tried it with white chocolate, but ultimately used a silicon mold and gum paste for the mahjong tile decoration I did back in June. It was easier to paint on it, and I looked into that gold leefing stuff you see on the dark chocolate, and it was quite pricey.


  2. Audrey Glick

    Find a local chocolatier. Try Christophe Artisan Chocolatier in Charleston, SC. He does custom work and his chocolates are divine. (843) 297-8674.


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