Wonderful Gladys Grad, the Grand Master of American Style Mah Jongg, and the brains behind the website, MahJonggMadness, came up with a terrific Q&A this month. I’m guessing that we all have played with people who fit the following descriptions…I’m afraid I could fit some of these descriptions myself from time to time…!

Q. Do you play with them?

     1) “Mine’s better than Yours.”  Even though you made the Mah Jongg, her hand was better….and just to prove it, she’s going to describe every tile she had in her hand, and dissect every move she made.

     2) “The Joker Whisperer.”  With one or two exceptions, she exchanges every Joker from the existing exposures.

     3) “Show me the Joker.”  Every time she picks a Joker, she just has to show it.  S/he alternates between this and when s/he shows you your Mah Jongg tile – that she just picked; and then buries it in her rack.

     4) “I Can’t Pick a Tile!” After every pick. Alternates between this and “I Can’t Pick a Joker!”

     5) “With my luck, I’ll never make this hand.”  Oh, sure.

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