Congratulations to all the wonderful people at Mah Jongg Mentor on their one year anniversary!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.35.39 PMOver a year ago this group of serious Mah Jongg players came up with the idea of having a website that would help people make better playing decisions. The website shares their collected knowledge about the game and contains their learning, resources, and passion for Mah Jongg; it is geared toward all levels of players from brand new beginner to advanced. The website not only teaches game play but also provides strategies to improve skills, etiquette, an on-line community, videos to help up your game, and more. Wishing these “Mah Jongg Mentors” a happy first year anniversary and many more years of bringing new players to the MJ table!

5 thoughts on “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Faye

    Thank you so much for the kind wishes! We appreciate your support and all the support we have received throughout the world of Mah Jongg! It has been so much fun sharing our love of the game! We continue to try to do more and to build on what we have already accomplished! Stay tuned!


  2. Martha Cloran

    Hello Ann,

    I enjoy your blog (and your book). Last night playing MJ with my Tuesday night girls at Gail’s house we took a snack break and Sammie, her Maine coon decided to look over the game! Thought you might enjoy this new player!

    Martha Sent from my iPhone



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