My dear friend Lisa loves Pung Chow sets as much as I do. She recently found a set in wonderful condition but now needs 8 orphans for Jokers. She wrote: “I need 8 to make jokers. I know that I may never get them, but the hunt is fun.”

Who can help? BTW, these are not the Pung Chow tiles with the colored Flowers. All the images are black on the Pyralin tile.

Shoot me an email if you can match these tiles: Lisa tells me that the measurements are 1 3/16 long, 7/8 wide and 3/8 deep.


4 thoughts on “WHO CAN HELP LISA?

  1. lajohni

    I have these Ann. Have her send me one so I can match the color and I will even send it back with the Pung Chow Chinaman stickers on them!


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