My current class of Mah Jongg students is doing so very well and I am so proud of them. Here are some of their winning hands from their Monday afternoon class:

A nice Consecutive Run of 11 222 33J3 J44 55 plus a reminder from “teach” to put the Jokers in the middle of the exposure.

IMG_1024A nicely done 13579 hand of 11 3JJ 5555 777 99.IMG_1025However, it is important to remember that they are still learning the game…especially when this student declared a LIKE NUMBERS Mah Jongg with this hand of FF 66J6 (Dots) J8J8 (Bams) 999J (Bams). Okay, I understand why she thought she was doing the right thing – each exposure is definitely made up of like numbers…IMG_1026Another nice CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of 55 666 7777 8J8 99.
IMG_1028And last, a spectacular 2015 hand of FF 2015 1JJ1 5555 – congratulations to Peggy – I am SO proud of you – your hard work is definitely paying off!IMG_1027

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