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I am so thrilled to be planning my trip back to my once-home of Los Angeles where I will be speaking, signing books, and – of course – playing Mah Jongg on November 12th at the Jewish Federation’s 17th Annual Jewish Book Festival. I hope all of you in the greater L.A. area will join me. Reservations are required – no tickets sold at the door.

Pasadena event Pg. 2

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If you are going to be anywhere near the St. Louis area on November 10th, please come to the  St. Louis Jewish Book Festival where I will be speaking, signing books and, best of all, playing Mah Jongg!!St. Louis event Page 2St. Louis event Pg.3


From the most recent issue of Mahjong News and written by Scott D. Miller:

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.18.27 PM


Care to play bones, anyone?

ORLANDO, Florida – Lurking in the dreary lobby of the haunted Hollywood / Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios lays dormant a terrifying game of unfinished mahjong. It’s participants fled following a mysterious lighting strike at exact 8:05 PM October 31st 1939 that vanished several unfortunate guests.


A ghostly game of mahjong with four dead hands.

Even more terrifying than the mysterious disappearance of the hotel guests is that every single one of the hands in the mahjong game is a dead hand! Ahhhh!

Well, that was true when that top photo was taken, but Disney tour guides now claim that the hands have been reshaped by “professional” mahjong players to be an accurate portrayal of a mahjong game in mid-play, and should the mysterious guests ever return, they could pick up where they left off.


All your hands belong to us.

With the joker tiles on the table, and flower tiles being held in the concealed hand, they could only have been playing National Mah-Jongg League rules. Assuming the dice indicate East and counting the melded pung of 3-dots she has on the table, East holds fourteen tiles and is waiting to discard. All this is acceptable, but not even the NMJL rules can account for the bizarrely melded pair of Souths and melded pair of red dragons on the near edge of the table. Is she playing with eighteen tiles in the hand and melding pairs? Ignoring the similarly unexlicable melds for the rest of the players, South at least currently holds the proper number of thirteen tiles in the hand, but West still has only twelve tiles, and North has only nine! The horror!

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I have blogged before about the wonderful Phyllis C in Naples, Florida. She has turned out to be a dear friend to me, even though we have never met in person (but I know we will some day!). Phyllis has been teaching Mah Jongg for many, many years and her students always become her dear, dear friends. She saw I had posted my “Ann Israel Eyeglass Leash” (available from Gehazi Collections) and, before you could blink, she had made dear friends with Sandra from Gehazi Collections! No one can resist Phyllis!

Lola, Lisa, Diane and me

Here is an email – along with the above picture – that Phyllis sent to me and to Sandra at Gehazi Collections:

Here I am all decked out with my Mah Jongg eyeglass holder, along with my new gifts of my Mah Jongg bracelet (Mah Jongg Queen) and beautiful earrings given to me by my student and now dear friend, Diane M, in striped pink shirt.  Pictured are my previous students and now best friends, Lola and Lisa. Mah Jongg has given me so much. If the picture doesn’t show my precious Mah Jongg jewelry too well, I will have to try taking another one soon to truly show it off!!  Can hardly wait to show my class – plus my Mah Jongg friends – my treasures!!  So many wonderful friendships.  And I also have you two!!

Much love and hugs, Phyllis C. (Naples, FL.)  


If you live in the Dallas, Texas area, be sure to sign up for this Mah Jongg tournament to be held on Sunday, November 15th at Congregation Ohev Shalom, which is located at the corner of HIllcrest and McCallum in Dallas, Texas. The proceeds are going to a wonderful cause in Israel and the tournament promises to be great fun. There is still time to sign up – contact Chayamiriam Taurog at

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I couldn’t be more excited…my vintage-style table covers have finally arrived and they are available for purchase. We don’t even have them up on a site or in stores yet so if you are interested in buying one…or two…or three (the holidays are just around the corner – this is a great gift for your favorite Mah Jongg friends!), just shoot me an email at and we will mail them right out. They are $49.95, postage is included, and we can invoice you through PayPal or accept credit cards.Mah Jongg Table Cover 7-6-15

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