I am working on an idea with my friend Ray and I need your help…I’d like to hear about any humorous Mah Jongg stories you have to tell – from your games, lessons, shopping expeditions, anything! Send them to me and if you have any photos then make sure you include them as well. We can’t wait to read your submissions!

6 thoughts on “WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME?

  1. Gladys Grad

    We have a dedicated player (her initials are GK) whose grandson was born 8 days before our Mah Jongg Madness tournament. She told her daughter and her Rabbi that they couldn’t conduct the Briss (the Jewish ritual naming and circumcision) until “3 hours after the tournament on Sunday.” This happened 3 years after she told her daughter she’d have to schedule her wedding around the tournaments schedules.


  2. Susan Weir

    While teaching a group of beginners a couple of years ago we had a very enthusiastic player who, upon realizing she has Mahj, yelled “Bingo”!


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