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I hope you all received the following message this week from the National Mah Jongg League. The upcoming bulletin will feature the last “President’s Message” written by Ruth Unger, which just goes to show her amazing commitment to the League almost to her dying day. She will be missed.

In a week or two, you will receive the National Mah Jongg League bulletin, which begins our annual membership process. The President's Message, proudly placed on the front 
page, describes how the League has maintained its commitment to you, our membership, on delivering a great playing experience this past year.

This tradition continues, in spite of our losing Ruth Unger - mentor, friend, leader. 
She was a tireless worker and remained involved in every aspect of the league, 
including the new 2016 card, until shortly before her death in November. This "President's Message" was written by her only a few weeks ago and we thought it fitting that her words would grace the bulletin one last time.

We assure you that all of us at the National Mah Jongg league will strive to deliver 
the same level of attention and professionalism that Ruth embodied. We are committed to keeping her legacy alive by continuing to deliver everything she stood for in her more than 50 years of service at the National Mah Jongg League.

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