Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.54.34 PMOur friend Linda Fisher, Licensed NYC tour guide, author and Mah Jongg maven, writes a fun Mah Jongg blog and recently put up a quiz with some very interesting questions (and answers). Let’s see how well you do – some of the questions are not as easy as you might think! I hope you will send me your score along with some comments on how you did!

Click the link here to start the quiz and…good luck! And don’t forget to send me your scores!

P.S. I know the quiz sign above is missing the apostrophe in “IT’S” – I couldn’t figure out a way to add it as the image is something I grabbed off the Internet! If you know how to add the apostrophe, let me know!!

3 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR SCORE?

  1. Carol L Mann

    I got 7 right out of the 11 Interesting quiz. I have been playing 30 years and I seem the one that has to answer ?? when we play I guess I better brush up. Thanks for the quizz


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